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Parking Lot Renovation and Infrastructure Enhancement

Project Details


Project Spotlight: Parking Lot Renovation and Infrastructure Enhancement

Project Overview:

RZ Construction Services, a proud WBENC and CEI BEP certified, woman-owned construction company, presents the successful completion of a transformative commercial construction project. This showcases our commitment to overcoming challenges and delivering innovative solutions. Divided into three distinct areas, this project underscores our dedication to excellence, exceeding client expectations, and providing cutting-edge solutions for modern spaces.

Project Areas:

1. Parking Lot 1 – Contractor Parking Lot Paving and Extension:

RuppAir MUA with John Hancock Building in the background
This gravel lot needed expansion, striped pavement, and lighting upgrades.

Challenge: A Contractor Parking Crunch

The original gravel-based Contractor Parking Lot lacked defined spaces, causing a chaotic parking situation. The small size further compounded the issue, failing to accommodate contractors and provide overflow parking for employees.


  • Expanded Capacity: The lot was extended to add more spaces for contractors and employee overflow.
  • Improved Efficiency: Defining parking spaces through striping enhanced the lot’s organization.
  • Enhanced Safety: Dilapidated cyclone fencing was replaced, and additional lighting was installed to improve safety.

Like Timelapse Videos? Watch the entire transformation on our YouTube Channel!

2. Parking Lot 2 – Employee Parking Lot Resurfacing and Replacement of Fencing:

RuppAir MUA with John Hancock Building in the background
Worn, broken pavement was only one of many issues with this parking lot.

Challenge: Employee Parking Woes

Parking shortages forced employees into the gravel-based contractor lot, while short, rusty fencing left them and their vehicles exposed.


  • Smoother Drive: The newly resurfaced lot provided a smoother drive and safer walking areas.
  • Increased Availability: Restriping optimized parking spaces for employees.
  • Modern Aesthetics: New striping, taller black iron fencing, and bollards improved safety and enhanced visual appeal.

3. Jefferson and Hubbard St. New Concrete Sidewalks, Curb & Drain Work:

RuppAir MUA with John Hancock Building in the background
Broken curbs , sidewalks, and potholes was an accident waiting to happen.

Challenge: Drainage Dilemmas

Cracked Sidewalks, potholes, gravel-based sections, and standing water posed health and safety concerns for the property.


  • Immediate and Long-Term Results: The new Sidewalks, Curb and Drainage work addressed immediate safety concerns and provided long-term advantages, preventing erosion and protecting infrastructure.
  • Property Value Boost: The sidewalks, curb and drainage work increased property aesthetics and contributed to a rise in property value.

Visual Showcase:

In addition to our project spotlight video, explore some of our great before-and-after photos, action shots from the construction process throughout each project area, and even this amazing timelapse video of one of the many sidewalk replacements!

Sidewalk Replacement Timelapse

PHOTO GALLERY 1 – Parking Lot 1 Paving & Extension 

PHOTO GALLERY 2 – Parking Lot 2 Resurfacing & Fencing

PHOTO GALLERY 3 – Sidewalks, Curb & Drain Work

RZ Construction Services takes pride in our commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and overcoming construction challenges. Contact us for your commercial construction needs, and let’s bring innovation to your spaces.

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