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When it comes to our General Contracting Services, we wholeheartedly embrace a client-centric approach, and it’s more than just a motto; it’s our unwavering commitment. Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we’re devoted to transforming your vision into reality. Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project or seeking renovations, rest assured that we are dedicated to serving you at every phase of your project.

With pride in serving the city of Chicago and the broader Chicagoland area, RZ Construction Services stands as a beacon of industry-leading excellence. Our services span a comprehensive spectrum of Commercial and Industrial General Contractor offerings. Whether you’re initiating a ground-up new construction venture, embarking on renovations and additions, or something truly unique such as an elevator modernization, our dedication to working for you remains constant, ensuring your requirements are met with exceptional quality.

Make No Mistake, We Work for You

Our commercial construction expertise turns your ideas into tangible structures, creating spaces that embody your vision and exceed your expectations.

Your Vision, Our Commitment

When you choose RZ, you’re choosing unwavering dedication. Our Chicagoland-based team, deeply rooted in the industrial and commercial sector, brings vast expertise and commitment to projects of all sizes. We prioritize quality control, safety, and compliance with local regulations. With a streamlined team structure and a client-centric approach, your needs and satisfaction always lead the way. RZ delivers exceptional results, maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and industry compliance.

Our Technicians are equipped with tablets and our fleet is GPS monitored to ensure efficient scheduling and up-to-date budget and project progress tracking.

Project Management

As a commercial general contractor, we excel in project management. Our expertise ensures seamless execution, covering scheduling, precise budgeting, effective communication, and robust protocols. We employ industry-standard scheduling techniques, meticulous budget management, open communication, and best practices in change management, risk mitigation, and quality control. With these capabilities, we navigate commercial construction projects’ complexities, delivering exceptional results on time and within budget.

RZ excels at value engineering, consistently finding innovative solutions that optimize costs without compromising quality.

Value Engineering

In our construction projects, we excel at value engineering, a process that optimizes costs without compromising quality. This involves a thorough assessment of design elements, construction methods, materials, and systems to identify opportunities for improvement and cost-saving measures. We may substitute materials with cost-effective alternatives, streamline processes for efficiency, and enhance energy efficiency for long-term savings. Additionally, we suggest design modifications to eliminate complexities and reduce expenses, all while leveraging our expertise to find innovative solutions that strike the ideal balance between cost, quality, and functionality.

We embrace a client-centric approach, dedicating ourselves to making your vision a reality, whether new construction or renovations, we’re committed to serve you at every step.

Customer Involvement

At RZ, we pride ourselves in being a client-centric commercial general contracting company, and believe effective communication, collaboration, and transparency are key. We actively involve our clients in decision-making, ensuring their vision is incorporated into every stage of the project. Through regular progress updates, we keep you informed and foster trust. Expect a seamless experience, a strong partnership, and successful realization of your project goals.

We prioritize client involvement by actively engaging them in decision-making processes and ensuring clear communication regarding project timelines and deliverables.

Timelines, Deliverables, & Post-Construction Support

At our commercial general contracting company, we excel at realistic project timelines and provide comprehensive post-construction services. Our commitment extends beyond project completion, offering warranty coverage for peace of mind and tailored maintenance plans to maximize facility lifespan. Our dedicated team is always available to provide ongoing support, ensuring enduring relationships and exceptional service throughout your project’s lifecycle.


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